Statement Condemning Anti-Trans Bills

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MAY 23, 2021   Contact: Megin McDonnell, FAIR Wisconsin Kathy Flores, Diverse and Resilient Brian Juchems, GSAFE Helen Boyd, author/educator Amira Pierotti   Coalition of Groups Release Statement Condemning Anti Trans Bills MADISON, WI: A coalition of thirty-one groups have issued a statement condemning AB 195, AB 196 and SB 322 and SB 323, bills intended to prevent trans youth and young adults from participating in sports in a team based on their gender identity. The groups range from National (ACLU, HRC, etc.) to statewide (FAIR Wisconsin) to local organizations and include, as well, teachers’ unions and professional groups and several key individuals. The statement was issued in response to the committee hearings scheduled for May 26th in Madison. The statement underlines the importance of sports to trans and non trans students as well as the vital role that inclusion plays in the well being of trans youth. It also clarifies that … Continue reading Statement Condemning Anti-Trans Bills