Jessica O'Brien

Family Medicine Physician

Aurora Midtown Health Clinic

5818 W Capitol Dr

Milwaukee, WI 53216

(414) 449-2114

Dr. Jessica O'Brien is a Family Medicine Physician at Aurora and a faculty member in the University of Wisconsin Aurora Family Medicine Residency Program.

Experience with Trans People Extensive experience with trans people
Length of time working with transgender clients 5-9 years
This provider follows these models of care WPATH (World Professional Association for Transgender Health)
ICATH (Informed Consent for Access to Transgender Health)
Another standard of care model

Which other standard of care model(s)?

UCSF Center of Excellence for transgender care and FenWay Health
This provider writes referral letters for hormones Unknown
This provider prescribes hormones Yes
This provider writes referral letters for gender-affirming surgery Unknown
This provider refers patients to surgeons for gender-affirming surgery Yes
This provider writes letters to support identity document changes Yes

This Entry was last updated on February 28, 2023. Please check with the provider directly for the most current information.