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PrEP, Sex, and Hooking Up in the Age of COVID

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  • Trans self-defense and empowerment for all bodies

    Trans and non-binary people, especially trans women of color, experience some of the most severe and frequent gender-based violence of any group in the US. Defend Yourself offers practical skills that anyone can learn (you don’t have to be an athlete, or train for years in martial arts) — skills for preventing, interrupting, and healing …

  • Dismantling the Gates: Informed Consent Models of Care

    A substantial barrier to care for many trans and nonbinary people has been standards of care that put therapists in a position of “gatekeeping” for those pursuing hormones, surgery, or even name changes. More providers are adopting an informed consent model, that empowers trans and nonbinary individuals and opens up the therapist/client relationship. This webinar …