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  • Bathrooms, Bullies, and Bystanders: Supporting Transgender Survivors

    Restrictive legislation is limiting the basic right of transgender and non-binary individuals to use public bathrooms and locker rooms. Additionally, youth and adults, politicians and citizens, parents and teachers, atheists and people of faith, (and even some victim service providers) are all too often engaging in anti-trans bullying, discrimination, and assault. Victim service agencies across …

  • Shared Solidarities: Trans & Nonbinary Reproductive Health Resources

    These resources were shared as part of two webinars hosted on 10/11/22 and 10/25/22, with presenters J and Afton. Shared Solidarities: Abortion & Transgender Healthcare (10/11/22):  Overturning Roe v. Wade doesn’t mean overturning the right to inclusive, trauma-informed healthcare (10/25/22):