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Major! Screening at FORGE

September 5, 2017

Miss Major 2

FORGE was pleased to bring the award-winning documentary film Major! (Dir. Annalise Ophelian) back to Milwaukee on Saturday July 15th. The film follows the life and campaigns of Miss Major Griffin Gracy, a 75-year-old Black trans elder, veteran of the Stonewall Rebellion in 1969, and survivor of Attica State Prison, former sex worker, community leader, and human rights activist. Miss Major has been fighting for the rights of transgender women of color for over 40 years.  Through her work as the former Executive Director of the TGI Justice Project ( she has helped to create a culture of resistance and resilience for trans women suffering abuses in the prison and justice system. Miss Major serves as a living example of how to overcome insurmountable odds with style and grace, and selflessly making the world a better place. We had a thoughtful discussion following the film.

A few of the questions FORGE posed to our attendees:

  • Miss Major is a mother/father/grandmother/grandfather to many of the folks in the film.  What does Major teach us about families, chosen or otherwise, and the roles that people fill in our lives?
  • Miss Major has overcome a lifetime of adversity and obstacles and done so with fierceness, passion and humor.  What can we take away from Major’s example when dealing with our own struggles?
  • What as members of the transgender community can we do to support  trans folks currently incarcerated?
  • What do you think Major’s greatest legacy will be?


Learn more about Miss Major Griffin Gracy at: