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Mutual Aid – Request for support

March 15, 2020

ZAO MKE request help

Trans and non-binary community members in the Milwaukee area…

Sign up for support:

We care about you. We know that many people are feeling challenged and stressed during this time of social distancing. Many of us are working from home or caring for children who are out of school, staying home because of health advisories, living with chronic or immunocompromising medical conditions, and/or are sick with the coronavirus.

We know that you may have needs for practical support or emotional connection. We know that some of you may desire spiritual or religious support during this time as well. We are here to help.

Please fill out this form to let us know what your needs are. We will make every effort to match you with a volunteer from the trans/non-binary community (including family, friends, and loved ones in our community) to assist you.

We will do OUR VERY BEST to support you; however we cannot guarantee our ability to fulfill your request. We promise to be in contact with you. We will acknowledge your request and we’ll let you know if and how we can support you.

Thank you for reaching out for support. We gladly and lovingly want to help.

~ The staff and volunteers of FORGE & Zao MKE Church

Request support today:

[To sign up to volunteer: please complete “VOLUNTEER SIGN-UP: MKE Trans Community Volunteer Support – facilitated by FORGE and Zao MKE Church.” @ Thank you!]