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September 1, 2018

The Pride Study logo

FORGE is involved in two national efforts:

  • PrideStudy ( is an LGBTQ-led, longitudinal study that is building a database and assisting researchers in using it (or sponsoring their own studies) to create more high-quality research on LGBTQ health. This is an extraordinarily sensitive and thoughtful project that includes a nationwide, very active advisory board (which FORGE serves on) that is doing incredibly worthwhile work. Please consider joining us in ensuring health research properly and thoroughly addresses the issues that matter most to us. Simply go to to sign up.


  • AllOfUs is a massive (the goal is more than 1 million participants!) national study that is also longitudinal and that is geared toward developing insights into individualized medicine (i.e., treatments based on a patient’s individual genetics). FORGE is also involved in advising the arm of this study that is specifically recruiting LGBTQ participants. If you want to learn more or are ready to contribute to the collective well-being, check it out at (This study may ring a familiar bell if you visited FORGE’s PrideFest booths, as we sponsored their outreach booth this year.)