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The Vax Scene Art Contest

July 8, 2022

About the contest:

This year, FORGE’s annual art contest focuses on the still-pressing COVID-19 pandemic and taking steps to protect ourselves and our communities. 

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed many of our lives. With the availability of vaccines that effectively reduce COVID-19 transmission and severe illness, we can better protect ourselves against the coronavirus. Although we may not have returned to life “as normal,” vaccines are an essential part of returning to the activities we care about and spending time with our friends and loved ones. 

Individuals in the trans community often face barriers to accessing health care. We are inviting artists to design and submit art pieces centered around public health, particularly COVID-19 vaccinations. The chosen design will be used to promote a COVID-19 vaccine clinic, serve as the “logo” for a webinar series on trans health/wellness, as well as a rack card for the trans community. Your artwork could make a difference in another trans person protecting themselves from COVID-19. 

How have COVID-19 vaccines impacted your life? How have you navigated conversations with people in your life about getting vaccinated? How have vaccines impacted your sense of safety in your community? 

We invite you to submit a digital design focused on COVID-19 vaccinations, along with a slogan for the vaccine clinic. We encourage you to be creative, and use your imagination to let the world know why COVID-19 vaccinations are important to you and the trans community. Your design and slogan can help to promote safety and public health access in our community! 


The 3 best entries will be chosen as finalists and will be highlighted on the FORGE website and on social media.

1st place design: $150 gift card.

2nd place: $75 gift card.

3rd place: $50  

The “Vax Scene Art Contest” is open to everyone, with any amount of artistic experience. We welcome all types of art that can be submitted in a digital, two-dimensional format. 


Submissions must be received on or before August 5, 2022. 

Entries should be emailed to, or submitted through an online form at: 



All entries must be received (electronically time-stamped) before 11:59pm CT August 5, 2022. 

All entries must be submitted with a signed waiver (below). (Online waiver and submission form at

Designs will only be accepted electronically ( and should be in one of the following formats: .eps, .pdf, .ai, or high resolution .jpg or .png.

The 1st place design (or any part of it) may be used in promotions, material, literature, handouts, posters, and/or T-shirts.

All finalists will be notified (by email) prior to the public announcement of the winner.



I                                                        (name) understand the above rules and conditions of the FORGE 2022 “Vax Scene Art Contest.” If my design is chosen, I release full rights of my artwork/design to FORGE and acknowledge that FORGE may use my design on any literature, material, T-shirts, posters, social media, trainings, or FORGE website.

Name to be included on website if in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place:                                                                            

___ Please don’t include my name on the website, social media, or in any public forum

Contact info:






Submissions must be received on or before August 5, 2022. 

Submit your waiver and design by email to: