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New Transgender Voice Program Available in Milwaukee

September 15, 2018


The human voice is infinite in variety and unique to each person. When we communicate through speech, for those of us who do, we use our voices to give us power and help express our feelings. Our voices can feel like they betray us sometimes, too, like when they reveal emotion we don’t want them to or when they feel like they don’t align with our gender. Those of us in trans and non-binary communities know that we are as infinite in variety and as unique as human voices are. For some of us, though, one of the greatest triggers of gender dysphoria can be our voice.

Though testosterone generally helps to lower the voice in trans men (and trans masculine / masculine of center folks), hormones do not have an effect on the vocal chords for trans women (or those on the trans-feminine spectrum), particularly those who have already undergone puberty. As a result, we may be misgendered while talking on the phone or outed to a stranger when we don’t wish to be. Fear that our voices may be misinterpreted can lead to a fear of public speaking or speaking up, or may make us simply feel inadequate in our gender presentation. While many trans and gender-expansive folks are absolutely happy with their voices, others may seek to change their vocal affect through voice therapy.

A new transgender voice program is now being offered at Aurora Physical Therapy Northwest.  Speech therapist Sabrina Fleurantin has trained specifically to help trans and non-binary people achieve their desired vocal presentation. Fleurantin will work with clients to improve the pitch, resonance, intonation, rate, and volume of their speech. The program also examines vocal health, language usage, and non-verbal communication as well. Fleurantin is available for both individual and group appointments. To set up an appointment contact Aurora Physical Therapy Northwest at 414-586-5760.

The Aurora clinic may be cost-prohibitive for many people.  There are several other speech therapy options in Milwaukee that are trans-affirming.  Here are two other choices:

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