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Black and Brown Trans Joy

August 27, 2020

Now more than ever, it is important carve out space and time for Black and Brown Trans Joy. Join us for an evening of conversation between Matthew Lewis and community advocate Naomi-Antrelle Jones, where we’ll discuss what finding light and love looks life for her during this time.

Presenters: Matthew Lewis and Naomi-Antrelle Jones

Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis is a Black Queer poet, community health promoter, and unapologetic Aquarius. He has a bachelor’s degree in English-Creative Writing and Gender Studies from the UW-Madison. He currently works as a Clinical Program Coordinator for the Medical College of Wisconsin. Matthew has strong passions for storytelling, R&B music, and Food Network TV.

Naomi-Antrelle Jones
Naomi is a Public Health Social Worker and Trans Health Advocate, currently working as a Program Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in their Infectious Disease Department. Naomi is a strong supporter of Milwaukee‘s LGBTQA community. Jones is newly added to the Board of Directors for Walkers Point Youth & Family Center. She is also the first Trans Women of Color to be selected for the Wisconsin Health Leaders Fellowship with The University of Wisconsin- Madison.

“I don’t just want a seat at the table, I and my sisters need purposeful seats at the table.

Recorded on August 27, 2020


Introduction 0:00
What is social media like for you right now? 2:14
Vogue’s 73 questions 4:25
What is joy to Naomi? 4:55
Why is joy important to you as a Black trans woman? 5:47
What impact can radical self-care have on self-sustainability? 6:52

Describe your joy in a hashtag 8:16
What’s your wake-up ritual? 9:20
How are you supplementing social connection during this time? 10:23
How are you practicing self-care? 11:22
What was the Pride for Black Lives March like? 14:00
Tell me about the joy that comes from being authentically Naomi 16:09

How do you share authenticity as a house mother with your children? 18:30
What is the greatest joy of being a house mother? 20:54
What joy do you get out of working as an advocate? 22:01
Who inspires you? 24:45
What’s your favorite Beyonce album? 26:19
What songs do you listen to to find joy? 27:10

What is love for Naomi? 28:14
What is the role of love/joy in the fight for liberation? 29:30
If you could cook dinner for three historical figures, who would they be? 33:18
What brings you joy about being in a lineage of Black women? 35:45
What is your dream country to visit? 37:12
How do you define beauty? 37:40

What is your go-to for a good laugh? 39:58
If your life were a song, what would the title be? 41:22
What’s your dream without any restrictions/barriers? 42:28
How do you know when you’re feeling joy? 44:24
Do you like Redefining Realness by Janet Mock? 45:10
What’s the title of your autobiography? 46:54

Where do you find joy in representation? 48:16
Is “Pose” an example of positive representation? 49:55
Is there a narrative about being Black and trans in the Midwest? 51:54
What is Milwaukee/WI’s ball scene like? 54:43

How do you balance the fun of social media with difficult content? 57:37
Who are your favorite Black and Brown trans authors? 59:28
How has your relationship with joy shifted? 1:01:12
Closing words/gratitude 1:05:16


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FORGE and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inclusion Health Clinic have created a series of events for trans+/non-binary community members, loved ones, and supporters, to come together for support, connection, learning, and empowerment. Participants will have the opportunity to find community, feel less isolated, and learn new skills and information.

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