Staying Safe


ASK the Physician: COVID-19 Basics

April 21, 2020

Andrew Petroll, MD, MS and Ann Brooks, RN host a Q&A session on COVID-19 Basics for trans/non-binary communities.  The recording highlights some great questions and helpful answers.

This event was funded in part by the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Introduction to speakers: 2:19
Do pneumonia shots help protect against COVID-19? 4:54
Is it safe to go to the doctor for bloodwork? 6:17
Do transgender folks taking hormones have any additional concerns with COVID-19? (risk factors with COVID-19) 7:52
Are folks that smoke and take estrogen at higher risk for pulmonary embolisms? 9:20
Is asthma a risk factor for COVID-19? 10:29

Is it important to disclose that I’m trans if I go to the hospital for COVID? 12:51
Recommendations for folks who are low on prescriptions and having trouble getting refills? 14:08
What are wait times like for gender-affirming surgery/procedures? 17:53
Are there any guidelines instructing providers to continue prescribing medications even without a recent visit? 23:38

For people living with HIV, what is important to know if seeking care for COVID-19 in a clinical setting? 27:13
Why do Milwaukee County’s reports have a separate gender category for trans people? 29:04
Do hair removal procedures pose any risk for COVID-19? 30:36
How long is this going to last? Will COVID-19 end in the summer? 33:14