Event Highlights

Who in the world is…!? FORGE & MCW Inclusion Health Clinic

June 9, 2020

Do you wonder what services are available at FORGE? Or from Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin’s, Inclusion Health Clinic? This session will share brief overviews of what you can access (and how), and leave plenty of time for your questions.

PACT NOW = Preventing and Assisting with COVID-19 among Trans and Non-binary Wisconsinites. PACT NOW is a partnership between FORGE and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inclusion Health Clinic.

This project is funded by the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Introduction 0:00
Froedtert Health: System-wide activities 1:49
Inclusion Health Clinic 5:17
Why Froedtert opened the Inclusion Health Clinic 5:25
What’s available at the Inclusion clinic? 7:26
What to expect: improved history forms 9:00
What to expect at the visit 9:40
Other gender-affirming services available at Froedtert 14:25
Is the Inclusion Clinic accepting new patients? 15:59
Psychiatry/mental health care available through Inclusion 17:34

Who is FORGE? 20:22
FORGE staff 21:17
FORGE background and services 21:35
Mission and core beliefs 22:26
FORGE’s history from 1994 to 2020 24:07
What does FORGE do nationally? 27:28
National work for trans+ survivors 28:51
2019 snapshot (national work) 30:17

FORGE in Wisconsin: local work 30:54
What FORGE does in WI for providers 31:13
Group services in Wisconsin 35:25
Support services in Wisconsin 37:46
PACT NOW programming 46:58
2019 snapshot (local work) 48:14
Connect with FORGE (contact info) 49:33
Connect with FORGE on social media 50:04
Shelley’s contact info 50:44

Q&A 51:13
Can FORGE provide assistance in case of being arrested at protests? 51:44
Can FORGE help with getting a signature notarized 53:01
What’s coming up? 55:22