Staying Safe

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Smoke, Eat, Move: Harm Reduction with Annie Lakatos

June 16, 2020

In the middle of a pandemic, is now the time to stop smoking and start exercising? This session will share information about how to navigate making health-related changes and lowering health risks. A focus will be on promoting health from a realistic, practical, and human lens.

Annie Lakatos has been a nurse practitioner since 2009 and works at Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin in the Inclusion Health Clinic and the General Internal Medicine Clinic. She provides primary care, hormone replacement therapy and PrEP alongside preventive care and education. She is passionate about making each patient feel welcome and creating a space that is supportive and health-promoting for her patients.

PACT NOW = Preventing and Assisting with COVID-19 among Trans and Non-binary Wisconsinites. PACT NOW is a partnership between FORGE and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inclusion Health Clinic.

This project is funded in part by the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.


Annie Lakatos introduction 2:53
Overview of presentation 4:02
Why should we care about health/harm reduction? 4:18
How do we change our behaviors/patterns around health? 4:57
Long-term effects of behavior on health 6:23
Questions to ask when quitting smoking 8:25

Strategies for reducing/quitting smoking 10:43
Eating healthy and wise 14:33
Choosing healthier foods 17:49
Are fresh foods safe to eat? 20:44
Staying active and why it matters 21:39
Options for exercise during COVID-19 23:32
Final thoughts on exercise/staying active 26:56

Q&A: 29:05
Are smoothies a good source of nutrients? 29:25
Tips for healthier eating if you can’t cook at home? 30:49
What’s the safest way to walk with someone while social distancing? 32:00
Is whole wheat bread healthier than white bread? 33:08
Suggestions for healthy snack foods with no preparation and don’t spoil? 36:12

What are some non-restrictive diet/eating plans? 39:12
Is it better to focus on eating instead of multitasking? 41:11
Can I still be on hormones if I smoke? 42:56
What’s the best way to consume tobacco products? 44:10
Suggestions for apps/websites with guided exercise routines? 46:04
Thoughts on recreational/medicinal cannabis? 47:10

Is it worthwhile to exercise if I have pain? 48:38
How can I exercise while I’m living with a disability? 49:31
What’s the deal with CBD oil? Is it safe? What’s it good for? 51:42
Is it risky to participate in protests? 52:59
Could loss of voice be a symptom of COVID-19? 55:10
Can you have COVID-19 without having any symptoms? 56:16

What’s coming up this week? 56:31