Redefining Realness: Passing and Privilege

September 24, 2020

This Big Read discussion focuses on Janet Mock’s amazing book, Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More. Join Matthew Lewis and Naomi-Antrelle Jones in part two of this three-part video series to talk about passing and privilege.

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Introduction 0:00
What does it mean to redefine realness?
Janet Mock on “passability”
Conditional privilege of “passing”
Passability and safety
Rejecting the binary

Facilitators: Matthew Lewis and Naomi-Antrelle Jones

Matthew Lewis
Matthew Lewis is a Black Queer poet, community health promoter, and unapologetic Aquarius. He has a bachelor’s degree in English-Creative Writing and Gender Studies from the UW-Madison. He currently works as a Clinical Program Coordinator for the Medical College of Wisconsin. Matthew has strong passions for storytelling, R&B music, and Food Network TV.

Naomi-Antrelle Jones
Naomi is a Public Health Social Worker and Trans Health Advocate, currently working as a Program Coordinator at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in their Infectious Disease Department. Naomi is a strong supporter of Milwaukee‘s LGBTQA community. Jones is newly added to the Board of Directors for Walkers Point Youth & Family Center. She is also the first Trans Women of Color to be selected for the Wisconsin Health Leaders Fellowship with The University of Wisconsin- Madison.

Recorded on September 24, 2020.