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What is telemedicine? What is MyChart?

May 5, 2020

What is MyChart? How can I best communicate with my primary care physician or other health care providers? Is it safe and confidential to see my provider by video? Learn more about the new world of healthcare in the age of COVID-19.


Presenter: Ann Brooks, RN

Ann Brooks has been a nurse for the last 20 years . Throughout her years of experience, she has worked in neonatal ICU , home care, and most recently, primary care. Brooks joined the Inclusion Health Clinic at Froedtert in January, 2020. She has been married to her husband for 19 years and has 3 kids — 2 daughter who are 18 and 16, and a son who is 14. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends and watching whatever sport her kids are playing.

PACT NOW = Preventing and Assisting with COVID-19 among Trans and Non-binary Wisconsinites. PACT NOW is a partnership between FORGE and Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, Inclusion Health Clinic.

This project is funded by the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

(c) 2020


Ann’s introduction 3:27
Video health visits 4:19
How to find privacy with virtual visits? 7:38
Privacy specifically for transgender patients? 8:55
How expensive are video visits? 11:22
What software is used for video visits? 12:58
How do you sign up to use telehealth? 14:27
Is the Inclusion Health Clinic accepting new patients? How to start? 15:19

Can providers do visual exams through telehealth? 16:42
What if I’m not comfortable with doing visual exams virtually? 18:01
If my in-person visit gets delayed, can I switch to a video visit? 19:08
How long does it take to get an appointment at Inclusion? 20:14
I’m embarrassed about showing my living situation on video. What can I do? 21:03
Can I include/exclude a partner in my video visit? 22:45
Can my partner join my virtual visit from a different location? 25:10

Using MyChart 26:23
Do all providers use MyChart? 34:25
Can other providers view my messages to providers? 35:25
Will phone calls be recorded by anyone? 37:11
Is there any additional privacy with mental health communication? 38:36
Is there a way to get information removed from MyChart? 40:41
What about provider notes/diagnoses the patient disagrees with? 41:07
How does Frodtert/MyChart handle gender markers? Can I change mine? 43:06

Can I change my gender marker on medical records if I haven’t changed it legally? 43:37
My name/photo causes dysphoria… What can I do? 44:14
Are all the systems connected? 46:04
Can I do telehealth with a microphone but no camera? 50:24
How can I give someone else access to my MyChart? 52:38
Does a proxy have to be family? Can they be an advocate? 54:29
Wrap up/what’s coming up next? 55:18