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Voices of Healing: Trans & Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT

April 10, 2022

Voices of Healing: Trans & Nonbinary Survivors SPEAK OUT

Four trans and nonbinary survivors of sexual abuse/assault share their stories of resilience and healing. This is a recording of the Live Premiere event on April 10, 2022. This exciting new project is the culmination of four months of workshops, sharing, growth, and connection. Each presenter’s powerful story emerges in a unique, dynamic way through prose, poetry, spoken word, art, mixed media, movement, and dance. The Trans & Nonbinary Survivors Speak Out project was collaboratively developed and facilitated by team members from FORGE and MenHealing.

0:50 Meet the presenters
1:15 Meet the facilitators
1:48 Meet the coaches
2:10 Welcoming into the space
5:42 Spiritual welcome

9:57 Thanking our partners
10:43 Uplifting trans and nonbinary voices

13:38 Zee: “Healing Isn’t Pretty”
23:16 A Powell: “Me Three”
35:59 Jon Clark: “What I’ve Learned”
46:55 Ruslan: “Quiet Healing”

56:51 Closing

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Recorded April 10, 2022.