Staying Safe

Event Highlights


COVID 2022: Now What?

January 4, 2022

Two trans-knowledgeable and -empowering providers – Donna Whittle, MD and Ericka Sinclair, MS, MPH – will share the latest information about COVID-19 and address your questions.

0:00 Zoom housekeeping
1:56 Speaker introductions
5:51 Presentation overview
6:27 COVID update (Jan 4, 2022)
22:15 Where can people get vaccinated and tested?

32:38 How can people outside of Wisconsin get vaccinated?
35:04 Is there a vaccine shortage?
36:43 How do health care providers avoid getting infected?
42:30 What makes a situation “high risk?”
43:15 What should you do if your healthcare provider isn’t masking?

46:36 Staying safe in cars
47:48 Solutions for people who have a hard time wearing masks
50:05 Having to show ID for vaccinations
54:42 Accessing primary care for non-covid health concerns
1:01:07 Are others dealing with a lack of at-home rapid tests?

1:02:37 Accessing PPE
1:07:55 Potential risks associated with HRT
1:09:36 Immunity impacts of carrying extra weight
1:10:47 Decompressing and mental wellness
1:14:32 Closing thoughts

Some topics covered will include:

  • How to keep ourselves as safe as possible
  • Where to get tested or vaccinated
  • Possible trajectories of what is to come
  • How to make sure other health conditions are addressed, even during the pandemic
  • Trans-specific concerns specific to COVID testing, vaccination, treatment

Bring your questions and curious minds on January 4, 2022. Both Whittle and Sinclair have been in the trenches of COVID for the past two years and care deeply about trans/nonbinary individuals’ health.

Recorded on January 4, 2022.