Connecting with Community: Pods and Mutual Aid

August 9, 2022

Pod mapping is a useful way to identify the resources you need, where to connect to those resources, as well as what you have to offer others. Pod mapping can be useful in building community and creating mutual aid structures.

In this pod mapping workshop, we discuss creating supportive networks, navigating stalking or harassment-related behaviors by others, reducing violence in our communities, and protecting ourselves and communities from COVID-19 and other illnesses through connection and mutual aid. While pods are not a perfect solution, they are useful as a way to increase support and reduce risks.

Presenter: michael munson

0:00 Topic introduction
0:29 Agenda
1:14 Who is FORGE?
3:10 What is pod mapping?
9:47 Why should I pod map?

12:44 Videos: Care collectives
15:02 What needs can be met with pods?
17:49 Different types of pods
26:55 Communicating with others
30:49 Video: Pod mapping exercise

34:22 Example #1: Pod mapping for surgery recovery
41:19 Pod mapping with few friends/contacts
45:59: Example #2: Pod mapping for isolation/depression
51:57: Example #3: Pod mapping for stalking
1:04:09 Video: Successful community care

1:07:19 Resources
1:10:28 Closing reminders

Recorded on August 9th, 2022.