Staying Safe


COVID-19 Safety for Essential Workers

May 19, 2020

Topic: “My job is considered essential — how can i stay safer?”
Not everyone is working from home or unemployed. It is not always clear what needs to be done to stay safe(r) while working with others, which may include not being able to adhere to social distancing recommendations. Learn how to minimize your risk and learn strategies to stay as healthy as possible.

Introduction 0:00​
General tips for workplace safety 3:31​
Making the workplace environment safer 7:44​
Logistical tips for work 11:01​

What should employees do in workplaces with mask limitations? 13:54​
How to stay safe on public transportation 18:33​
What protections do employees have if they are not comfortable coming into work? 22:33​
How do we know the pandemic is a serious issue? 29:29​
Why is the virus affecting children? 32:43​

Should employees use surgical/N95 masks? 34:34​
Could voice issues be related to COVID-19? 37:46​
Should people who have had COVID still follow the CDC guidelines? 40:24​
How can workers protect their families at home? 42:49​
Is there anyone who cannot/should not wear a mask? 45:12​

How long does the virus live on textiles? 48:37​
How often should we wash cloth masks? 51:08​
Closing 51:55​

Presenters: Andrew Petroll, MD, MS., and Ann Brooks, RN
Dr. Petroll is an Associate Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin. He is an Infectious Disease specialist and also serves as the Medical Director of the Froedtert & MCW Inclusion Health Clinic, an outpatient clinic designed to provide affirming and excellent care to the LGBTQ community.

Ann Brooks has been a nurse for the last 20 years . Throughout her years of experience, she has worked in neonatal ICU , home care, and most recently, primary care. Brooks joined the Inclusion Health Clinic at Froedtert in January, 2020. She has been married to her husband for 19 years and has 3 kids — 2 daughter who are 18 and 16, and a son who is 14. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her family and friends and watching whatever sport her kids are playing.

Recorded on May 19, 2020.