Event Highlights


Mindfulness: Being in the Moment

November 23, 2021

Have you wondered how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into your life? Do you worry that the only “right” way is to contort your body into uncomfortable (or unachievable) positions – and then stay that way for a long time? There are many ways we ALL can engage in increased mindfulness in our daily lives.

1:08 Acknowledging current events and emotions
2:28 Agenda overview
3:09 Lance’s introduction
4:08 What is mindfulness?
5:34 Everyday mindfulness
8:09 Benefits of mindfulness

10:09 Mindful breathing (exercise)
16:15 What mindfulness is not
19:42 We are not our thoughts and emotions
21:08 How do we become more mindful?
22:23 Noticing what is right now (exercise)

29:03 How can we weave mindfulness into our daily lives?
34:19 What if you can’t breathe through your nose?
37:04 Trans-specific mindfulness tips

  • 37:04 Binding and discomfort
  • 42:08 Mindfulness groups
  • 45:30 Sharing resources

Lance Weinhardt shares an overview of what mindfulness is and isn’t, some of the benefits, and introduces a few 100% accessible mindfulness techniques each of us can use.

Recorded on 11/23/2021