Event Highlights


Passion Project Q&A webinar

November 3, 2021

Dr. Dominic Parrott (Professor of Psychology, Director of Project PASSION), Olivia Hucks (Community Outreach Coordinator, Georgia State University), Jessica Grom (Project Coordinator of Project PASSION) and Jazzlyn Smith (Research Assistant, Georgia State University) share about Project Passion.

0:00 Webinar introduction
1:34 Dominic: background of Project PASSION
6:20 What does “sexual and gender minorities” mean?
8:29 Olivia: role and recruitment
12:16 Jazzlyn: role in the project, being a doula

14:14 Jess: study lab and background
20:09 What is the lab like?
23:47 Eligibility
30:39 What happens after you apply?
35:25 Compensation for participants

36:19 Privacy and confidentiality
40:38 Connecting with the community
46:59 Reach out with questions

The purpose of the project is to learn about healthy relationship functioning in LGBTQ+ people in intimate relationships. This information will be used to develop culturally- sensitive recommendations and programs to promote healthy intimate relationships.

Learn more about the Passion Project.
Website: www.tinyurl.com/passionstudy1
Twitter: @GsuPassion
Facebook: Passion.GSU
Instagram: PassionGSU
Email: passion.gsu@gmail.com

Recorded November 3, 2021