Event Highlights


Self-care on a budget: Not just bubble baths and bouquets

November 2, 2021

Everyone raves about how we are supposed to engage in self-care for our wellbeing. Does the phrase sound inviting to you? Or maybe it makes you cringe? Join us on November 2, 2021, to learn about what self-care is and how it can benefit each of us. There is no one “right” way to step into a self-care routine. AND, you can even do it on a budget – no bubble baths or bouquets of flowers required.

0:00 Welcome music
3:47 Introduction
4:45 Agenda overview
5:31 Zoom housekeeping
6:07 A reminder to take care of yourself
6:40 FORGE’s new programming model

8:00 What is self-care? (brainstorm)
12:03 Brene Brown’s “Top 10 rules for self love”
14:19 Traditional models may not work for trans folks
15:41 Gendered-ness of self-care messages
16:39 Economics
18:03 Structures in our lives

18:53 What are key elements to your self-care? (brainstorm)
23:37 Intersections: Disability. Collective care.
24:42 Collective care
26:12 Care Work: Dreaming Disability Justice (video)
31:25 Self-care on a budget
31:41 Using our senses
35:59 Play

37:14 Mind-mapping: What was free?
38:56 3 simple (additional) examples
44:32 Wrap up: New ideas? (brainstorm)
46:48 Upcoming events
48:07 Social media
48:21 Closing

Recorded on November 2, 2021, during a live virtual meeting.