Staying Safe

Standard and Trans-specific ACEs: Shifting the Course of Trauma to Create Healthier Trans Adults

November 10, 2022

What happens in childhood impacts our physical and mental health for the rest of our lives. Trans people experience even more Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) than other people, a fact that contributes to our greater mental health problems. This webinar introduces the ACE studies to those who are not yet familiar, reviews trans-specific experiences that may help explain trans people’s higher ACE scores, and delineates some strategies for helping to right the disparities.

0:00 Introduction and overview
2:39 Who is FORGE?
8:20 Quick stats about the trans community
11:27 The ACE study
19:12 Lifelong violence and health disparities

34:58 Video: Jada’s Story
38:56 Health disparities cont.
41:08 Trans-specific ACEs and resilience factors
50:18 Video: Conversion therapy
54:16 Trans-specific ACEs and resilience cont.

1:06:13 Disrupting the ACEs with practical interventions
1:12:36 Video: Let Kids Play, Wisconsin
1:14:43 Resources
1:17:24 Trans hope and joy quotes
1:22:57 Closing

Recorded November 11, 2022.