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State-Sanctioned Hate: The Impacts of the “Culture Wars” on Trans Lives

January 18, 2023

There are actual human casualties of the current U.S. “culture war” involving trans identities and rights. In this training webinar for therapists and social services professionals, we discuss the actual effects what’s happening in legislatures, social media, and “news” shows are having on trans and nonbinary individuals and families. We also discuss what individuals can do to help mitigate the damage.

Recorded January 18, 2023.


0:00 Introduction and agenda
2:31 Who is FORGE?
5:27 Moments of trans joy / trans hope
7:55 Intersecting realities
9:07 “Trauma informed” and webinar content

9:48 What is “State-Sanctioned” hate?
15:24 What have you seen in your community?
17:59 Social media and online hate
24:54 Healthcare access
29:17 Threats against providers

32:16 Child abuse claims
34:11 Transition bans / detransition bills
36:15 Schools and book bans
38:46 Bathrooms
41:55 Trans people in sports

43:25 Workplace discrimination
45:44 Money spent on anti-trans political agendas
48:24 Politicians behaving badly
53:59 Drag shows / drag queen story hour
1:08:11 Connection between words and actions

1:09:42 Impact on trans people
1:13:37 Trans community responses
1:15:42 Resilience
1:19:25 What do you do to take care of yourself?
1:20:44 What you can do

1:22:24 Resources