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January 11, 2023

Negotiating with schools. Finding in-person support groups. Locating safe and reliable online resources. Supporting parents. In this WiTEACH meeting, Loree Cook-Daniels from FORGE and Brian J from GSAFE explore recent developments in trans legislation impacting youth, resources available for supporting Wisconsin’s trans and nonbinary children and youth and their parents, and opportunities to take action.

Recorded Jan 11, 2023.


0:00 Speaker introductions
0:31 Action opportunity (January: Waukesha school board)
7:30 Wisconsin updates
9:45 Youth resources
15:59 What is GSAFE?

23:29 Other resources for LGBTQ+ youth in Wisconsin
30:45 What’s expected from the WI legislature this year for trans kids
35:05 How to weigh in on current issues impacting trans youth
37:04 Joint Committee on the Review of Administrative Rules 2023 contact info
37:59 Closing thoughts