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Monthly Milwaukee Meeting– Lou Sullivan: Daring To Be A Man Among Men

March 18, 2017 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT

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Book Launch with author Brice Smith

Join us for the official book launch of Brice D. Smith’s heart-wrenchingly inspirational biography Lou Sullivan: Daring To Be A Man Among Men. Hear him share his experiences reclaiming one of the most tragically overlooked people in LGBT history. Ask Brice anything and have him sign your copy of the biography of Milwaukee’s own world-renowned transgender pioneer Lou Sullivan.

About the book:

“[They] said I couldn’t live as a gay man, but it looks like I’m going to die like one.” Good Midwestern girls did not grow up to be gay men and die from AIDS. Unless they were transgender pioneer Lou Sullivan (1951-1991). Sullivan marched for Civil Rights, embraced the 1960s counterculture, came of age in the gay liberation movement, transformed medical treatment of trans people, institutionalized trans history, forged an international female-to-male (FTM) transgender community and died from AIDS at the epicenter of the crisis. He overcame tremendous obstacles to be who he was and dedicated his life to helping others do the same. An activist to the end, Sullivan inspired a generation to rethink gender identity, sexual orientation and what it means to be human.

More about Brice:

Brice D. Smith, PhD, is a full-time dad and part-time historian. He lives in the Milwaukee suburb of Wauwatosa, WI, with his wife, son and two cats. Brice smiles easily, enjoys musing and loves meaningful endeavors. Email him at loubiographer@gmail.com.

Rave Reviews

Brice’s meticulous reconstruction of Sullivan’s all-too-short passage through this world allows those of us living now to​ draw strength from the example of a long-gone man whose life is still worthy of emulation.” 

—Susan Stryker, Ph.D., author of Transgender History and

co-director of ​Screaming Queens: The Riot at Compton’s Cafeteria

The immeasurable research and care given by Brice to Sullivan’s story of self-realization is a gift.”

—Rhys Ernst, artist & filmmaker;

producer of We’ve Been Around and Transparent

“Solidly informative and inspirational: Anyone interested in…the potential for one modest yet dedicated human being to change the world should meet Lou Sullivan through Brice’s insightful work.”

                                   —Jamison Green, author of Becoming a Visible Man

Brice’s adept story-telling brings trans pioneer Lou Sullivan to life in this vivid biography…. Such loving treatment is long overdue for one of the most influential figures in transgender history.”

—K.J. Rawson, director of the Digital Transgender Archive

Brice’s Lou Sullivan: Daring To Be A Man Among Men provides an invaluable and timely service to scholars of queer history, trans people and all lovers of biographical storytelling.”

—Terry Beswick, director of the GLBT Historical Society

Free books:

Make sure you come to our February 18 meeting so you can pick up your free copy of Lou Sullivan: Daring to be a Man Among Men in time to read it before you come on March 18 to hear its author and have him sign your book.

What’s the purpose of FORGE’s Milwaukee Monthly Meetings?

  1. Share information on pre-selected subjects.
    [Ideas for discussions, speakers, books, films, and panels are initiated by group recommendations and facilitator suggestions. With only 12 monthly meetings per year, these topics only touch a small number of areas with plenty of room for post-meeting discussion and other groups to take on other topics.]
  2. Provide support for people who attend.
    [All people who are interested in trans and gender non-binary issues are welcome.
    We encourage people to participate at their level of comfort.
  3. [Note: Milwaukee Monthly Meetings are not political action or social justice-focused events. Our purpose is support and information-sharing. There is ample community space for political organizing, confronting injustice, and creating action agendas.
    FORGE monthly meetings are not that space.]

Creating a space where people can feel free to participate is important. These are some working agreements and principles that FORGE meetings operate under. We will review and add to this list at tonight’s meeting.

  1. Confidentiality / Privacy
  2. Use “I” statements
  3. One person / one mic
  4. Move up / move back
  5. Oops and ouch (and snap)
  6. People can choose to be quiet / Participation is voluntary
  7. We are more than our gender (or any one identity/component)
  8. Speak about own experiences – please do not talk about others not in the room
  9. Criticism-free zone – no hurtful or negative comments about individuals or agencies
  10. In this support-centered space, everyone has an equal voice
  11. Respect different backgrounds, experiences, and identities
  12. Remember we all have trauma



March 18, 2017
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT
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