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Anti-trans sports bills: What you can do

May 25, 2021

Trans athletes GOP board


Wisconsin State legislators will be debating bills that would ban trans youth from participating in school sports!

Statement Condemning Anti-Trans Bills

Trans youth are already some of the most bullied and marginalized in our school systems. They deserve our love and support, not cruel attacks because of who they are.

Participating in sports can provide ALL YOUTH with important life-long benefits: team work, physical activity, increased mental health, and so much more. These bills would deny trans youth the critical life skills that come from playing sports. Like any student, trans youth thrive when they are treated with dignity and respect.

Here are some practical ways YOU can make a difference for trans youth.

  • Share this information.
  • Love and support the trans youth in your life and in your community.
  • Provide spoken or written testimony on Wednesday in Madison. Sign up here.*
  • Share the graphics our coalition created, or the video.
  • Email your representatives and Senators on these committees and voice your opposition to the Protecting Women in Sports Act. If you would like your testimony or opposition to the bill to be part of the bill record, please write, “please include testimony as part of the bill record.” Their emails:

Assembly Committee on Education:


Assembly Committee on Colleges and Universities:

Senate Committee on Human Services, Children, and Families:


* The National Center for Transgender Equality has also made it SUPER easy to contact your State representatives.

Use their easy-to-submit form to send a statement to your State representative: